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  1. Johan's article was excellent, thank you! And yes, would be educational and inspirational to show this epic match to tennis juniors. I was like many avid tennis fans-- in awe of these players and the entire match and then Novak's emotional tears at the ceremony with the crowd's 5 minute honoring applause along with Stan's clapping! Tennis was the winner that day! I appreciated most: little or no crummy 'gamesmanship' antics, potty breaks and MTO's ( fake) screaming at bad calls, obscenities uttered for 1 million plus people to hear including kids/junior players, nasty little digs or gestures to your opponent etc. So many excuses, ' the heat of battle made me do it, say it ' etc. The summary points by Johan were fantastic. I too, thought Novak was gonna steamroll like he often, almost always does, in the final set (s).... but Stan elevated his game to win! The backhand is incredible but Stan's ability to raise the level of his game was a thing to behold. I will save this article to share with my tennis junior. I wish I had the budget to send her to Johan's academy--with passion for the game, values, ability to communicate--just glad these kind of coaches are out there for tennis PD. Thanks for sharing on PA Lisa.

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