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World Tennis Tour

With everything being published and posted about the ITF World Tennis Tour, which went into effect January 1, 2019, I thought it might be easier to create a page to house everything I’ve written, recorded, and posted in one place. Simply click on the title to open the link in a new window. Please feel free to share additional links in the Comments below. Petition to Change the ITF Rules

USTA Competitive Pathway for 2019

USTA Competitive Pathway Merit-Based Wildcards 2019

Are We Killing the Dream? Transitioning to the ITF Transition Tour

A Look at the 2019 Transition Tour & Its Impact

Shelby Talcott’s interview on ParentingAces Podcast

Jared & Aron Hiltzik’s interview on ParentingAces Podcast

State of the Game: Putting a Big Ten into Tennis to Make it a Healthier Sport – by Dave Miley

State of the Game Part 2: Junior Tennis – by Dave Miley

State of the Game Part 3: Davis Cup & Fed Cup – by Dave Miley

State of the Game Part 4: Participation– by Dave Miley

State of the Game Part 5: Working Together– by Dave Miley

How the ITF is Failing Our Players – this article includes Geoff Grant’s letter to the USTA Board

Why We Should Care About the ITF with Dave Miley

Straight From the Players’ Mouths

Change ITF Rules Facebook group 

Players vs ITF Facebook group

ITF World Tennis Tour Q&A – March 12, 2019

ITF Statement Regarding World Tennis Tour – March 5, 2019

ITF Press Release Announcing Increased Qualifying Draw Size

ITF Player Survey Results

ITF’s Overview of the World Tennis Tour

ITF’s FAQ on the World Tennis Tour

About the ITF World Tennis Tour

The ITF’s Deal with the Devil – by Shelby Talcott

College Bypassed in ITF World Tennis Tour Pathway – by Colette Lewis

What is the ITF Transition Tour? – by Paul Timmons

The SportRadar Match-Fixing Problem – by Paul Timmons

The History of Tennis and Match-Fixing – by Paul Timmons

2019 ITF Transition Tour Podcast with Jon Wertheim & Geoff Grant 

ITF World Tour Structure – the Problem of Two Ranking Systems – by Amir Bachar

Do North American Collegians Rely Too Much on Wildcards? – Guest Post

ITF World Tennis Tour Modifications – by Dave Miley