1. A general rule of thumb that juniors and their parents should follow (for women's tennis) is that each D1 school will have two scholarships per year and that one of those scholarships is going to a foreign player. That still leaves a lot of opportunities for US players in D1. The problem is that too many players, and their parents, are not being realistic with their preferences. There are many D1 schools who are absolutely not going to look at you if you are not a blue-chip. If you are not a 5-star then you are not going to get a scholarship at a D1 Power-5 conference school (yes, there may be one or two exceptions to the rule). When you add in the Ivies and some of the mid-majors, who grab some of the 5-stars, that means the Power 5 schools have a choice: take a 4-star or add another foreign player. Look at the team rosters and then tell me which way they end up choosing.

  2. The ITA just released the list of seeds for the upcoming ITA All-American (men's) tournament in Tulsa. Here is the list with country of origin: 1. Nuno Borges, Mississippi State - Portugal 2. Mazen Osama, Alabama - Egypt 3. Giovanni Oradini, Mississippi State - Italy 4. Timo Stodder, Tennessee - Germany 5. Cameron Klinger, Vanderbilt - USA 6. Thomas Laurent, Oregon - France 7. Johannes Ingildsen, Florida - Denmark 8. Mitch Harper, Virginia Tech - Australia 9-16. Tim Sandkaulen, Ole Miss - Germany 9-16. Jan Zielinski, Georgia - Poland 9-16. Aswin Lizen, Virginia - Great Britain 9-16. Lucas Poullain, Florida State - France 9-16. Aleksander Bakshi, Oklahoma - Georgia 9-16. JJ Wolf, Ohio State - USA 9-16. Oliver Crawford, Florida - USA 9-16. Alex Lebedev, Notre Dame - USA Out of the top 8, there is only one American. Out of the next 8, there are 3 Americans. Is it just me or is it time to change the term "All-American" to something a bit more descriptive of the actual field of players?

  3. And here are the women's All-American seeds with country of origin: 1. Makenna Jones, North Carolina - USA 2. Estela Perez-Somarriba, Miami - Spain 3. Gabriela Knutson, Syracuse - Czech Republic 4. Anastasia Rychagova, Kansas - Russia 5. Fernanda Contreras, Vanderbilt - USA 6. Katarina Jokic, Georgia - Bosnia 7. Stacey Fung, Washington - Canada 8. Michaela Gordon, Stanford - USA As you can see, 3 out of the 8 seeds are American.

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