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Below is a link to the information that each USTA section has posted regarding the 2014 junior competition calendar. Those sections that haven’t posted information online yet are indicated below – I will update this article as I receive information, so please be sure to check back over the next few weeks. If you have thoughts or analysis to share, please post them in the Comments. Thank you!

National (see below for an additional explanation)


    • Caribbean: Not yet available







    • Middle States: Not yet available




    • New England: Not yet available




    • Pacific Northwest: Not yet available


    • SoCal: Not yet available



    • Southwest: Not yet available


    • Texas: Not yet available

A couple of comments regarding the changes in the Southern section, the January Southern Level 1 (National Level 3) tournament will start on Saturday and run through Tuesday (most players will have Monday off school for Martin Luther King Day). The reason for the expanded draw size is to allow for more players to earn National ranking points.

Also, regarding selection for the National events, each section will have a quota for the 3 National Championships, 2 Closed Regionals, and Zonals.

3 thoughts on “Info from Sections for 2014

    1. No, not at all! In fact, sectional play is the main path to national play starting January 1, 2014. Check your section’s websites for any updated info – I relied on the sections themselves as well as my own Google efforts for the links above, so they may be outdated or incomplete.

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