1. Great discussion. I do believe my son is learning about life and how to compete (life in many ways is a competitive sport). by playing tennis. And yes, being a tennis parent - of a teenager - is challenging to say the least...I define success as a parent by whether or not I've raised my son to be a good man. Fair, happy, cooperative, able to be independent but work in a partnership (doubles), and see that hard work leads to good results. And to learn that life is sometimes unfair.

  2. I think the job of parents is to provide perspective...... And a bit of a reality check on how a teenager is viewing life. A bad grade, a bad break up with the boyfriend, fight with a friend, a great grade, a great win on the court.... Everything always seems to be in the extreme for teenagers. Playing college tennis is amazing, but if they play...., before you know it you will be onto the next task of summer internships as they are the stepping stone to a job out of college...... ( And some smart high schoolers have already started this process in order to get the college summer internship job). And then the next problem that they are not playing tennis during the summer........ I am amazed today how fierce the job market is, and how important it was for my older child to have the summer internships in order to secure a job and most importantly, leave our house and get an apartment with a friend...... So, problems for teenagers and young adults keep changing, and your goal is to provide a calm voice that "X problem" is not the end of the world.....

  3. Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. John Wooden

  4. I was reading your post about success. Success is different for everyone. It is different at different times. Does Roger Federer have the same feelings about success as he did when he was 18 years old? To me success is making or exceeding your expectations. When I was at the NCAA’s last year where I heard a former player speaking to another player. He said, “Do you miss being able to play like those guys on the court?” His response was, “Yes but I do not miss what it takes to be able to play like that.” Maybe for some success is getting the most out of themselves. For others it is reaching a goal. Sometimes we look at players and think that they never really met the full potential. We think gosh they had so much promise…. I think success comes from within. It can only be defined by the player.

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