Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – Time to Shop!

Holiday Gift GuideI have been getting inquiries about doing a Holiday Gift Guide for y’all, so here it is! Photos of all the items listed are in the slideshow at the bottom of the page. Chanukah starts tomorrow night and Christmas is only 2 weeks away – YIKES! If you have any gift suggestions to add, please do so in the Comments. Thanks and happy shopping!

Holiday Gift GuideHoliday Gift GuideHoliday Gift GuideHoliday Gift GuideHoliday Gift GuideHoliday Gift GuideHoliday Gift GuideHoliday Gift Guidetennis trunk



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  1. Project Repat does a great job making a quilt out of old tournament Tshirts. Too late for this Christmas but keep in mind for those graduating seniors. Sign up for the mailing list and wait to order when the company has 35-40% coupons. You dont have to have all your Tshirts together when you order-you have 2 months to send in and then you get your quilt back in about 2 weeks. We got our son a quilt for graduation that he took with him to college-turned out better than we thought-was about $75 for 24 squares using coupon. Just make sure about half the Tshirts have color backgrounds. Also for those of you with younger players, dont just throw out the Tshirts when they outgrow them-save the ones that were important wins. Amazingly I was able to find the Tshirt from son’s first win at a local tourney at 10.

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