1. As an old h.s/ middle school tennis coach, I enjoyed your article about school tennis. I coached in south Ga. where school tennis was the main way kids did tennis and junior programs don't really exist. Making tennis a team sport is a challenge. At its best it can be very good, but it can really be a pain when players are selfish and want to be No.1 first and on the team second (I suffered through one season like that) What I loved was teaching/coachin middle school tennis. In South Ga. middle schools have tennis teams to teach kids the game. I think you will find school a different world.--be patient. I help out at a rural h.s. with high shcool kids completely new to tennis. What a 9th grader wantin to be on a tennis team and never played? Why waste time?--Will they play college tennis No. But maybe they will become lifetime players and have fun. So at some high schools school tennis is really an educational program trying to appeal to the MOST students and not just a couple of talented kids. For coaches it gets tough when you're gets kind a good--then are you coachin for wins or coachin to teach the most kids. That gets real tough. That is why I loved coachin middle school tennis--I didn't cut anyone and worked with the best kids while teachin beginners. It was great fun and very satisfying. I saw tennis just like teachin beginnin math or anything else---TEACH em from where they are and enjoy the process--maybe not great players but great kids.--and I love goin back to South Ga and seein my old players succeeding in life and knowin what I taught them on the tennis may have helped keep active and maybe taught them something about life. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS SEASON. STEPHEN WAYMIRE (AKA-COACH STEVE)

  2. i ran a middle school league for the past 4 years in our area - it was so fun! the kids, many of whom were brand new to tennis, had a ball. love hearing others' experiences - keep 'em coming!

  3. Great to hear your son is playing High School Tennis. I am currently a high school coach. My team is doing conditioning currently and I cannot actually coach them on the court until February 13, according to TSSAA rules. Our area is not quite as big a hotbed for tennis as Atlanta. Generally, most of the public schools will one or two good players and then the rest of the team is made up of recreational players. The rules make it tough, because if I get a player who has never played before, he only has four weeks to learn everything he needs to know before matches start in the middle of March. I blog about my team here: http://hixsontennis.blogspot.com/ I haven't really kicked off the blog this season, but you can sort of go through there and see what a typical season is like just a couple hundred miles north of Atlanta in a much smaller metropolitan area.

  4. Good job for your son! It is really special to make the Walton team. My daughter goes to drills with some of the girls and I think a few boys that go to Walton. Very good school and very tough tennis team. I personally know some TRN two star girls that did not make the team this year. I read alot about how better players shun High School Tennis, but I am betting that if more high school teams were like Walton, Wheeler, Marist, Westminster etc., then high school tennis would be more sought after. We live in a rural area where the kids start playing in 9th grade, sometimes later and still have a good chance of making the varsity team.

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