Explanation of 2014 Schedule from USTA

CaptureA parent just sent me the document below that was distributed during Zonals last week.  Maybe it will help clarify the 2014 junior competition calendar?  As I mentioned before, there may be some changes to the scheduling, so please hold off on making any firm travel plans at this point.  We should know more after the semi-annual USTA meeting in New York in September.  You know I’ll report as I get any information!

Sorry about the sideways orientation of the pdf file – I saved it right-side-up, but it’s still appearing sideways in the link.  Please use the “View” function in Adobe Reader to rotate it so it’s easier to read.  Of course, you can always hold your computer sideways I guess!  😉

USTA National Competitive Structure & Schedule of Tournaments

One thought on “Explanation of 2014 Schedule from USTA

  1. Got our copy at Zonals and read it – typical USTA Rhetoric sounds good but the reality may be very different – oppportunities will be there but for the foreseeable future the top players ineach section are the only wones who will benefit because they are at the top and it will be difficult to “displace” them. Remember that rankings are done on a 12 month rolling calendar so players with good results in 2013 will get all the opportunities in 2014 without needing to conform to the new system – it is not a level playing field. The players that wil be hurt are those aging up or who are at the end of the junior career because there will be only limited opportunities.

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