1. Excellent breakdown by coach Frank!!! I knew that there were like-minded coaches out there. Too bad that their voices are too often drowned out by all the frauds out there. Well done, Lisa.

  2. "Intrapersonal (Myers-Briggs) personality profiling calls this intelligence “Introvert-Thinkers.” This preferred intelligence is remarkable at controlling their own feelings, emotions and attention span on the tennis court. Since tennis is an individual sport by nature, these players have a genetic advantage when it comes to distraction control. Profound ways to assist the Intrapersonal players on the court include: Since they prefer to reflect and think things through before making rash decisions, they need detailed explanations as to why? “Because I said so” doesn’t cut it for this type. They enjoy working alone in private lessons versus stressful group settings. Attacking the net isn’t in their genetic design. They have to buy into the rational and be nurtured to spot a vulnerable opponent. They have to truly understand that rushing the net at the opportune time is in their best interest." Very, very accurate..from personal experience. "Because I said so" just won't work with someone like me (I have often been accused of being hard-headed when all I was ever looking for was a decent explanation/break-down). Unfortunately, "because I said so" is the technique utilized by the vast majority of coaches...hence, the low turn-out of players developed.

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