1. Awesome, Congrats to my friend Michael Jessup for his NorCal recognition!

  2. Amazing attitude. I really wish the directors in SE FL would follow suit. The level of competition is excellent, but the pressure to cheat is also very strong. This section has the need for more officials big time. What a pleasure to hear them say "overstaff officials". We have 100 player or more draws down here, 20 plus court facilities, and maybe 2 officials, of which usually one does not seem to want to be there.

  3. Congradulations to Scott and Loraine they have an awesome attitude about putting on a good tournament. Wish more tds would increase number of officials. Keep up the good work, maybe other directors will read the mobile tennis center game plan and adopt```it. Also congradulations to my sons coach Brian Notis nomination..

  4. It is great to see Teresa LeMair recognized, she runs fantastic tournaments no matter the level! If she is reading-know that parents and kids playing appreciate all your hard work and how well organized tournaments are!

  5. Kudos to Michael Jessup! How small the tennis family is....I saw this guy get passed in Chicago in U14s by the "most tree" one handed backhand about 23 yrs ago....Congrats!

  6. BEST TD is hands down Judy Dippold for running the most organized, lots of officials ( no cheating) tournaments for years and years. Great lady, I don't know why she doesn't have more tournaments though. Only time my kids felt they could truly play with out the fighting over calls was when she ran the tournaments. Ok, on a different note, Lisa, any way to get word to the officials in charge that all the players were unhappy with the last November Open with 4 matches in a day ( 2 singles and 2 doubles). Please go back and read all the comments on your blog to see one unhappy camper after another.... Really not fair to the folks who don't pay for a hotel room near the site, and are traveling an hour or two a day to get to the site ( and that was the whole idea, remember, to save the parents some $$$), plus a ridiculous toll on teenagers to play 2 singles and 2 doubles a day, plus no one could get a good nights sleep with an 8 am start and ending 8 pm at night, and then traveling home to eat dinner and shower and stretch and then get up at 5 am the next morning to be there by 7 am. Why not 2 singles and one doubles on Saturday, 2 singles and one doubles on Sunday, ( or 1 single and two doubles on Sunday) and one single and two doubles on Monday ( or 2 singles and one double on Monday) And actually this is a school vacation that week, so why not make it 4 days, Saturday - Tuesday? Instead, of injuring the kids with so much tennis in a compressed time?

    • Would have to agree about the craziness of playing four matches in one day, not sure why it can't be spread out a bit over three days?

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