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  1. This is outright depressing_ even to a parent of a jr player who is going to college next year and no longer needs to participate in this new format. Perhaps the time is ripe to replace USTA national jr. tournaments_ just like how TennisRecruiting rankings have replaced USTA rankings. As a brain storming suggestion, perhaps you can work with TennisRecruiting to sponsor 3 national tournaments similar to USTA's Zoo/Winter/Clay 128 draw (or even a 190+ draw). The key is to attract top players to play_ perhaps by doubling/tripling TennisRecruiting ranking points for these tournaments; selection to these tournaments are based on TennisRecruiting rankings. Make it profitable for tournament sponsors. Perhaps you can hook up with hotels, car rentals, or get financial support from tennis advocates. Personally, I would pay $300 entry fee because with these tournaments, my child has the MOTIVATION to develop and play his game by having the opportunity to play with other top players from other parts of the country and being able to be scouted by many college coaches in one location. I think if you set this up correctly, the kids will play.

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