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New Rules for the New Year

For those of you living in USTA's Southern section, some new rules went into effect January 1st.  For those of you living in other USTA sections, these rules are probably coming to you soon since Southern tends to pilot changes that are then rolled out nationwide. The rule that I want

New Year, New Beginnings

The new year always brings with it new hopes, new expectations, new resolutions, and new chances.  The thought of wiping the slate clean, starting fresh, can be inspiring or it can be daunting.  If the previous year was filled with success and happiness, then there is the fear that the

Reflections from a tournament . . .

Overheard and overseen at junior tournaments . . . Mom of 2 junior players: That ball was on the line.  She should've called it out! When the official left the court to attend to a medical time-out during a particularly contentious match involving a notorious cheater, and the other player refused to

Sweet Victories

There's something really special about seeing your child develop such that he's suddenly beating players that he had routinely lost to in the younger age groups - seeing the process in action, so to speak.  Those victories are especially sweet when your child is just coming back from an injury. 

By the Numbers

About a year ago, I got an iPod Touch which, for someone without a Smart Phone, is kind of the next best thing.  And then I discovered the world of Apps, specifically tennis apps. My favorite is one I happened to download for free called TennisStats.  It allows me to track