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The USA Playoffs Lacoste Series

My last article was for the college-bound junior players. This one is for the younger set! It is a reprint of an article originally posted on the UTR site and appears here with UTR's permission. If you have a junior player 13 years of age or younger, please read!  The Road

My Last Push at US Open 2019

As I mentioned yesterday, I did my best to squeeze in as many interviews as possible on my last day in New York. Because I arrived on site about 2 hours before any tennis was scheduled to start, I had time to sit down with two people who continue to

It’s Finals Day at the US Open

After 5 days of watching some incredible tennis, interviewing players and coaches, and spending time with some of the best minds in our sport, things are winding down. This afternoon, both the Boys and Girls will play their Singles Finals matches alongside the Girls Doubles Finals which was postponed from

Over 15 Hours . . . Whew!

To say that yesterday at the US Open was busy might be a bit of an understatement! The Junior Singles and Doubles schedules were jam packed with must-see matches, and I had several players and parents - and coaches/hitting partners - to interview. Add to that a short rain delay