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Trip Report

I'm back from an incredible 2-week adventure in Paris, Mallorca, and Barcelona, and I've started posting my travel journal (and photos) online.  If you're interested in reading it, you can find it at  I'll be adding more entries as time allows. To get you started, here's my first post: A lot

France & Spain

I am on vacay with my husband (and WITHOUT our children) for the next two weeks so won't be posting here for a bit. I will, however, be tweeting regularly, especially from my time at the French Open, so please follow me @ParentingAces if you're interested! Have a great couple of

Growing Pains!

For those who don't follow the ParentingAces Facebook page or Twitter feed, you might not know that I recently moved the blog to a new server or that I recently started showing ads on the site. ParentingAces has been a true labor of love for the past 18 months or so,

Spring Break!

I'm off to the beach for the week - YAHOO! - so it may be kinda quiet on the blog for the next several days. But, my radio show will air as scheduled on Monday at Noon ET at, so please tune in and listen to what I know

Links to Online Articles

I often include links to online articles in my blog posts or Facebook posts or Tweets then forget which post contains which link, so I decided to compile a list of them here in case any of you are looking for something in particular! 10 and Under Tennis Dashboard & TIA