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Choosing A Coach, Part 2

Now that I've shared my family's coaching experiences with you, let's get back to the basics here - what's the best way to choose a coach for YOUR child? I was going to create a fancy flowchart (and may still do that when I hone my graphics skills a little more)

Choosing A Coach, Part 1

Our family, like most of yours I'm guessing, kind of fell into our first tennis coach's lap.  In our suburban oasis, we have a neighborhood pool and tennis courts.  One summer shortly after we moved in, a neighbor organized a little swim/tennis camp for the elementary school kids.  I signed

Rankings Anyone?

Now let’s talk about how the USTA ranking system works.  This is where things can get a little bit tricky!  First of all, rankings are all based on points (as opposed to whom you beat and whom you lost to), and points are accumulated by winning tournament matches.  And different