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  Thank you for becoming a Premium Member of! In addition to our Premium Member Weekly e-Newsletter, the following are special discounts and gifts offered exclusively to Monthly, Annual, and Certified Coach Members of Summer Camps Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy: $50 discount on camps at the Boca Raton, FL location. Go to

The 10th Anniversary of My Best ATP Tournament: The SAP San Jose 250

Today's Guest Post for our Premium Members is written by Coach Todd Widom. Enjoy! Even The Underdog Has His Moment In The Sun or Shall We Say The Lights Since It Was Indoors As many people listen to the former players and commentators on television about their glory days in tennis, and

The USTA Proposal

In my last article, I alluded to the changes that may or may not be coming to USTA Junior Competition in 2020. After the article was published, I received the following document from an anonymous reader: Background As mentioned in my last article, participation in Junior Tennis has declined precipitously over the