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The State of Junior Cheating and Other Relevant Topics with Bill Patton

This week's podcast: The topic of cheating in junior tennis seems to come up ad nauseum both on this podcast as well as on the ParentingAces social media outlets. I'm not sure if that means the issue is getting worse or if we're just talking about it more, but, either way,

Trey Hilderbrand’s Run at US Open Juniors

Bonus podcast episode with Mark and Trey Hilderbrand: I hope you enjoy this Bonus Episode of the podcast, live from the US Open! Seventeen year old Trey Hilderbrand and his father, Mark, joined me in the interview room at the US Open to discuss his incredible run at this year's US Open

Tennis Parents Wayne Bryan, Steve Johnson, Melanie Rubin from 2014 US Open

This week's podcast: Since I'm not yet at the 2017 US Open, I thought I would throw things back to my last trip to our Home Slam and my conversation with Tennis Parents Extraordinaire: Wayne Bryan (father of Bob & Mike, the Bryan Brothers), Steve Johnson (father of Stevie who passed

Numbers Don’t Lie with Craig O’Shannessy of Brain Game Tennis

This week's podcast: Coach Craig O'Shannessy knew there had to be more to developing players and analyzing matches than simply relying on the opinion of others. He looked to other sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer and found that those sports relied on a unified method of collecting data, analyzing it,

Jim Harp Discusses Coaching the Tennis Journey

This week's podcast: High-performance coach Jim Harp has been around a few years, more than 30 to be exact, and he knows his stuff! He makes it his mission to learn something new every day so he can better coach the junior players under his care. He works with all levels