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What the Heck is Neuro Priming?   We all know what mental toughness is and have likely heard various ways in which to train tennis players to do better in this realm. There are many methods and many mental coaches out there, several of whom have been featured on the ParentingAces website and podcast over the years. In

Creating the Champion Tennis Parent   I had the opportunity to speak at the Middle States USPTA Conference in Philadelphia last weekend, presenting to a room full of coaches. What a treat! This week's podcast is a slightly edited recording of my presentation. You will hear questions from the audience (please forgive the sound quality as I

Steve Johnson Memorial Tournament with Dennis Claus When Tennis Parent Extraordinaire, Steve Johnson, passed away unexpectedly in May, the tennis world was in shock. Steve was a man who devoted his life to his family and his sport, coaching not only his own son to the highest level of the game but also committing himself to helping

Coaching John McEnroe with Carlos Goffi Carlos Goffi has a very impressive coaching resume, listing John McEnroe and Mary Carillo among his successful charges. In this week's throw-back episode from 2013, Coach Goffi shares how he learned to coach, why he feels young athletes should play a variety of sports, and why it is so important