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  1. Oh no! A similar situation happened with Lauren a couple of years ago. While hanging around the indoor club after practice one day, she came home complaining of pain in her thumb. I asked what happened and she said she slipped on the stairs going up to the second level to watch a match. It was really troubling her so I took her to the Children's hospital. After an X-ray we saw the doc. She told him the same story but he asked are you sure? She then told us a story about how she and a friend did go up to the second level as she said, but rather than a fall on the stairs, they thought it would be cool to jump down (10-12) feet onto the unused squash court which had gym mats piled in it! She landed wrong of course and broke her thumb. Thank goodness the doc understood she was a high performance player and put her in a removable thumb splint so she could start physio early. Coach dad insisted she train anyway and modified her training to protect the injury. She learned the hard way about respecting her body and has since remained injury (especially stupid injury) free! I hope he feels better soon!

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