1. Did Texas fix 2013 bonus points after technical problem? Doesn't look like Texas is following National USTA -- 2013 bonus points still look inaccurate.

    • I'm not sure what's going on within the different sections. Maybe someone from USTA TX will see this and comment???

  2. Also interested in how Section Level 3s went also see the concurrent Level 4, (with Natl) Level 2s have open spots in some draws. Didn't think with Regions folks would be able travel for those Regionals. I'm guessing we will get a good review. For now looks like several Regionals have really weak players with the highest ranked kids dashing throughout the US for the Level 2s, some of those have really strong fields.

    • I wish the West region had open spots in the level 2, alas first alternate will have to do. Surprising to hear that with so many high ranked kids hustling after level 2 spots that any slots in level 2 draws are available. Perhaps parents and juniors are seeing playing opportunities and a chance to go deep in the level 4 or regions with the level 2s going off concurrently and attracting kids that happen to be to be ranked higher or what have you. I will say the new formatted sorting national team championships are filling up and seem to be weighted toward jrs that live relatively close to Mobile. Wild card selections should be interesting.

  3. Not Level 2s, it's a couple Level 4s have open spots. I should've been clearer. You've got top Florida kids spread all over, Tx, Michigan, and Ga for Level 2s. Seems not much changes those with $$$ will travel wherever they feel best place for success.

  4. FYI, I emailed the head of TX Jr Comp and asked him to comment here about what's happening in his section. Will keep you posted.

  5. First, Lisa that was a good catch. I think you missed your call for investigative reporting. Very insightful and thought provoking. I think we are witnessing that the USTA didn't think through the math on this new structure. Also, very disappointed that once again......... the sections are not operating under the same manner. Our super six here in the East is 32 players until June, while other sections are at 64. What a mess.

  6. I just happened across your website while researching another matter. I found your posting quite interesting and also somewhat relieving that others were experiencing issues with the bonus points as well. Anyway, what I am trying to figure out is how, or if, USTA awards points in sanctioned Opens where there are only two players in a draw. My daughter is near the cutoff line for retaining her Superchamp status so we're trying to get her in opens as a way to capture points. If anyone knows the answer, I'd appreciate it. Can't seem to find anything out from USTA on this subject.

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