1. Interesting that a designated is scheduled over the same weekend as the nationals. That just seems like a bad scheduling decision on the part of a section. For us the Thanksgiving question was: 1) Play in the 14s national selection tournament and get more points to help seeding in the 14s Winternationals; or 2) Play in the 16s national selection tournament and continue building a ranking in the 16s (playing up)? We've (player and parent) decided that any time there is a chance to play up then play up is the choice. We never gave a thought to Eddie Herr; main draw at Orange Bowl is potentially a one week trip by itself and that is enough.

  2. Just wanted to share how expensive the tournaments are getting with my own personal story. My kid played in a Sweet Sixteen, Eastern, Boys 18's, NY. Warm up courts this past weekend at 8 am ( match was at 9 am), so you had no choice but to use them was $95 dollars an hour. Tournament fee was $102. Lisa, it is really unbelievable how costly this is, and the USTA doesn't seem to give a damm how much tournaments are charging us to use a court to warm up for the tournament. My kid was in two days, and it cost me $292. Pretty bummed. More disappointed with an organization that cares nothing about its members.

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