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The 10th Anniversary of My Best ATP Tournament: The SAP San Jose 250

Today's Guest Post for our Premium Members is written by Coach Todd Widom. Enjoy! Even The Underdog Has His Moment In The Sun or Shall We Say The Lights Since It Was Indoors As many people listen to the former players and commentators on television about their glory days in tennis, and

Golden Rule: No Tennis Talk Outside the Courts

The following article was written by Coach Todd Widom and reprinted here with his permission. To see more of the article he's written for ParentingAces, click here. Enjoy this little gem! One rule when I was growing up was that the second you left the tennis court and exited the tennis

Google May Be Your Worst Enemy


Enjoy the latest article from Todd Widom! What is one of the first things you do when you figure out your son or daughter's starting time for their tournament on the weekend?  You type their opponents name into google and you get to see their tennis recruiting rating and results.  You