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6 Ideas for Staying Calm

In my last blog I raised the ‘parent sportsmanship’ challenge; can you keep your emotions in check and stay relaxed so it is not obvious whether your child is winning or losing? Though in fact the real challenge is trying to remain calm. This is the best support you can

Parent Sportsmanship

I really love this quote from Jim Courier. The idea that your child could walk off court and win or lose and they show their pride. It is very similar to the some of the lines from ‘If’ by Kipling: If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two

Mindfulness…What I’ve Learnt from Junior Tennis

Here is another article in the series from UK Tennis Parent, Paul Ainsworth. Click here for the rest of the series. Mindfulness has been one of those words that has been difficult to escape from in recent years, whether it is adult colouring books or in my sphere of education, the