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UTR & High School Tennis with Corey Aldridge & Troy Simonek

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Welcome to Season 8, Episode 25 of the ParentingAces Podcast! In this week’s show, the topic is High School Tennis.

Corey Aldridge and Troy Simonek both grew up playing junior tennis then college tennis, and went into coaching after getting their degrees. Their commitment to growing High School Tennis in Texas has been nothing short of phenomenal. As you’ll hear, they have worked alongside Universal Tennis to ensure the majority of high school teams throughout the state are now reporting scores to UTR. In addition, they have each created UTR tournaments for high school players in their respective cities, ensuring the kids have events to play when they’re not in season.

Check out last week’s Tweet from UTR: 

I am a big fan of high school tennis, even – ESPECIALLY – for high-performance junior players. Corey and Troy are making the idea of playing for your school much more palatable to these elite players by ensuring they will continue to be well-positioned when it’s time for college recruiting. And they are opening a door for those high school players who might not have previously felt comfortable trying their hand at junior tournaments outside of school. This is a WIN for everyone.

Both Troy and Corey have offered to help guide anyone who would like to replicate their efforts to marry high school tennis and UTR in other states. For more information on what these two guys have accomplished, be sure to check out their Facebook group here.

For information on the UTR National High School Team Tennis Tournament, click here. For information on the DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Chammpionships, click here. For information on the New Balance High School Championships, click here.

To find out how UTR works with high school tennis, click here.

To read the ParentingAces article discussing UTR Fit, click here.

And, finally, to contact Corey and/or Troy via email:

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