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Welcome to Season 8 Episode 34 of the ParentingAces Podcast! This week, we hear from Todd Widom about the work he’s been doing this summer with juniors from all across the US and the developmental shortfalls he’s had to work on with them.

It turns out, several of you ParentingAces Listeners have reached out to Todd over the past couple of years. Several of you have even sent your kids down to Florida to work with him either short-term or long-term. 

In this week’s episode, Todd talks about some of the things he sees when he gets a new player, what he does to help players improve, and how he works with their full-time coach to keep things moving in the right direction. 

You can reach Todd via email at or via phone at 954-296-5610. Be sure to follow him on both Facebook and Instagram

As always, a big thank you to my son, Morgan Stone, aka STØNE, for our intro and outro music this season! You can find more of his music at If you’re interested in House Music, please be sure to check out his social media channels: FacebookTwitterInstagram. For those of you in the San Francisco area, he is performing August 23rd at 1015 Folsom starting at 10pm. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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