1. Yea, we typically get 1 full rain out day rarely 2-3 in a row. Since we don't schedule 5 days a week the day is usually a fun day. Movie, Play date, Parent date etc..... Then we will train on our normal OFF day for makeup Its not until the 3rd day of rain do we: - Yoga, plyometrics, Pool time, Racquetball court (only if Level 1 event!) - Toss practice, Shadow swings, LEFT handed forehand swings (BH grip) - Soccer FUTSAL FUTSAL FUTSAL!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LG_zukvek0 During our mostly short shower 2-3 hr delays we will take a quick look @ Video, Discuss, her goals, how she feels about them, What is in her BAG (a mess), I will check HER journal with her and go over what she wants to get accomplished next days/weeks/months. She gets anxious after not hitting for 3 Days, so it has forced me to get creative. She played Travel Soccer for several years so likes FUTSAL and when parents remark how well she moves, yes Genetics 40% but 60% Soccer/Futsal. If I had a to give anyone advice find the BEST soccer academy in the area, get one of their academy coaches for private (FRACTION of the $$$$ of tennis) and teach kid until their feet become an extension of their hands. You'd be amazed what you will see! AND Futsal can be done indoors!

    • That's a great suggestion, and I love that futsal video - thanks for sharing it!

  2. Move someplace where it doesn't rain so often :)

  3. Study for finals.......

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