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  2. SO NO Changes to the proposal. The links are exactly the same as March 6 proposals. The JCC made their decision then the same JCC reiterated,justified, confirmed their own decision 10 days later after a would be "vetting period with Sections" where the Sections reps passed on their authority and opportunity to pause while the JCC continued to bump 30% SCTA players from main draw to Qualifiers and possibly reduce 30% SCTA players from Winters Hopefully this inequity of opportunity can be remidied by another process down the road.

    • The one page schedule lists selection criteria for winter natls as quota, yet 5pg summary mentions remaining non filled quota if any filled with NatSList . Why wouldn't the USTA disclose or include this in their one [page summary (there is room)? While many of the JCC weren't concerned about the 30% SCTA players being eliminated because they could get in through the NSL thats assuming that their will be 10 or so non quotas avail plus others for all in country that didn't get enough sectional points and that with less natl events more cross country travel would occur for fewer events? While looking again at 2012 to 2014 comparisons on winter nats and the excel sheet that lisa put together there were 18 total extra(more) quota spots for certain sections in 2014 than played in 2012, Its Mind boggling reality,unfair and illogical to limit dozens of players who want to play based on the very nationally earned points they are playing for and give their spots away to players that didn't or don't want to play that natl event!!!! There are plenty of ways existing to encourage local play. Again lets hope the JCC and or admin can achieve a better balanced quota/NSL system within their goals. I actually think they can and will once realizing the reality

  3. thank God they finally listened. I pray the board approves these changes that will increase playing opportunities. I coach many kids who will be affected, not to mention my own son. increasing playing opportunities is what we need!

    • um, solomontennis, did you read through the documents? while they did increase opportunities from the ORIGINAL 2014 schedule, this new schedule is still a very large reduction from the 2012 schedule that we're currently under. i, for one, am not pleased by the lack of a pause.

      • It is very clear that the USTA is loaded at the top with people who are disconnected with junior tennis and they have proven that with these changes. If their plan was to localize tennis, then that should have been done after they had created enough players for there to be strong local competition. I am going to bet that their egos are making them believe that hundreds of thousands of kids are going to come into the sport via TAUT. If that were the case, then they should have waited until after the kids appeared to make these types of changes. Right now the only thing they accomplished was telling a huge swath of talented US kids that they aren't worthy. The result is going to be a lot more kids in soccer, lacrosse and in front of the tube after school. In the graveyard of stupid USTA decision making, this should get the front tombstone. You can go down the list of every Florida age group and find kids who train 4 to 6 hours a day and are on a pro/collegiate track, but now wont have a prayer of getting into any level 1's. Sad times for US tennis.

  4. What a slap in the face to the juniors in this country, most of them who are too young to even know what is going on and all the opportunities that will be missed. First, I am still waiting to see the list of wild cards for winter nationals 2012. It was not published anywhere. How do I know how many kids really got in off the list, and who slipped in under a wild card. By not being transparent, a lot of deception goes on. Second, this is terribly confusing. And what purpose does the L2 and L3 serve now? Third, why in the world does the L3 for July need to be cut this summer from 64 to 32? Fourth, how are the juniors, who have to play a qualifier, with really no coaches watching, save money? Fifth, this Masters, where you stay on and train after you lose. How many wild cards is allotted for that?

  5. And they got rid of the July 2nd tournaments? Wow.

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