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  1. Loving your insights coach. Living in South Florida, have seen most of the top girls come through. Drobatova, Yanez, Wiersholm are all wonderful players. The scary thing is that there are talents like them all over the world. Its fascinating to see who will emerge as a money making pro down the line. And they win using different styles and advantages. Drobatova gets everything back and has done so since I first saw her at age 8. Yanez had the most unreal growth spurt, growing from a small gymnast to a girl who is just so much more physically imposing than almost any opponent. Wiersholm, as you noted, fires herself up and believes everything she hits will be a great shot. Now comes the fun part, who becomes a top college player, do any become productive pros? The advantages will end, getting balls back will no longer be enough, Yanez will one day play girls as strong as she is, and all the top pros believe every one of their shots will be great. Thats why I love junior tennis, the journey is fun to watch!

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