1. So only 69 girls registered for hard courts....I thought there was all this need for national competition? Can you please report on this?

    • This is G12 in Atlanta. Lisa will you be out there to report on the level? My daughter just moved up to 14's and I will be at the other site. Last year there were a ton of blow outs. Can you also get comments from our experts in Jr Comp Antonio Steve and Keepin on this matter a to why only 69 players resistered. They said tere was tons of demand. My daughter also said they went trough every single alternate at G16 clay courts. Doesn't seem like there is this great demand!!

  2. Lisa Sorry, but this information is false. It only takes a couple of minutes to go to the Tennislink website an see that the draw is full with 128 players and a waiting list. "Girls Hard Courts" seems to be posting this stupid, false rumor everywhere he can. Not sure what his deal is.

    • Would you like me to forward an email I received from my section staff rep that asked for people to apply after the deadline? Not a rumor a reality ....

      • Posted by Colette Lewis on her ZooTennis.com site: Colette Lewis said... I have no idea what axe G12 Hard Courts has to grind, but he/she is wrong. At ajt's suggestion, I checked the TennisLink site for the Girls 12s, and there are currently 127 competitors and an alternate list of 17. I apologize for not looking this up BEFORE I approved the comment.

  3. Well then your section staff rep is dead wrong. There were more than 128 applicants before the deadline. The initial selection on picked up 120 payers at the deadline and since then 7 wildcards have been added

  4. Lisa Here one of the more subtle defects in the calendar that I never really picked up on until recently. 1) Sections are required to have one of their L3 sectional championships in June, however, 2) The date block for the Zonals and Intersectionals has been moved up to the 4th of July weekend instead of the end of July. Typically, 95% of the sections have used an endorsement list immediately following their June L3 sectional championship as a way to select the zone team. That's not really possible now, you can't wait until the middle of June to tell people to start making travel arrangements for the 4th of July weekend. So Zone and Intersectional teams are going to have to be selected prior to the sectional championships. So the June Level 3 will basically have no affect on zone and intesectional teams for the current summer, but may have a big impact on the next summer. So if you are in an age up year, do you play your current age group to qualify for the current summer L1's, or play up to get the points to qualify for next summers teams events???

  5. In the new schedule, I noticed that NSL is used for selection for all tournaments. There is no mention of sectional quota. Have they got rid of the quota?

  6. I have been advised to warn all of you NOT to make travel plans based on the schedule as published. There is a chance that it could be changed at the semi-annual USTA meeting in September.

  7. Why would anyone be making travel plans now for 2014 tournaments? No one knows the quota for the Feb closed regionals and there is still 6 months of tournaments that will affect the lists that will be used for selection for the other Feb events. I'm no expert on USTA rules but what could change with the calendar? Who is advising you anyway? Is it someone at the USTA who actually knows something?

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