10 & Under Pathway for Florida Players


USTA Florida just announced its new pathway for 10-and-under tournament players in the section. The pathway was developed with solicited input from coaches and parents throughout Florida and utilizes the red, orange, and green balls based on age and skill level.

Tournaments are designed to fit the level of the players. For example, red ball events are half-day and don’t track results. The pathway includes a grandfather clause for players who turn 11 during the 2015 competition year and who have the ability to play on a full court with yellow balls.

A link to the full announcement of the pathway can be found by clicking here. A link to a visual illustration of the pathway can be found by clicking here.

If you are a parent in the Florida section with a junior age 10 or under, I would love to hear your input on this new specific pathway. If you live in another section, how are tournaments and development for these young players handled where you are?

One thought on “10 & Under Pathway for Florida Players

  1. Well TDs complaining loss of revenue so here we go again. Enuff said on this to prove it is a TOTAL FAIL!

    Parents have to pay to play and they don’t want to buy it. Bottom line consumers drive the market, ALL THE TIME. Remember Betamax (was better than VHS!) Funny with coaches charging from $100hr and up you think they’re gonna roll this out? Would you pay those (Florida prices for this?)

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