URGENT: USTA 2014 Jr Comp Update

I got word from a parent in the Mid-Atlantic section of a meeting being held this Saturday (November 17th) at which Lew Brewer of USTA will be discussing the proposed changes to the junior competition schedule.  This may be THE “listening meeting” for that section, so I urge all parents and coaches in the area to attend and report any significant news to the rest of us via the Comments section on this post or via our Facebook page.

3 Comments on “URGENT: USTA 2014 Jr Comp Update”

  1. This does not look promising.

    1. “learn all about the exciting changes coming”. Exciting, there’s an understatement.
    2. Lew Brewer. ‘Nough said.
    3. “Understanding the upcoming changes”. Wow, still sounds like they are sticking to the party line of we just don’t understand them an once they educate us will be all happy about it. Sorry, we understand them, we just don;t like them. Do they have any clue how patronizing they are ???
    4. One hour 15 minutes ? Not a lot of time for listening.

    Let’s hope this is not the listening tour.

  2. This is not a town hall meeting. It’s an awards banquet. People were invited.
    This is a hand picked group. Really.

    Lew brewer is a dangerous man. Nice strategy. Let’s throw out a bone to buy time, let emotions simmer down, then preach to our own people….after we give them an award.

    This sounds familiar. Oh yeah, how dictators come to power.

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