21-Day Challenge Workout Schedule


The following is a day by day list of the workouts we incorporated into our 21-Day Challenge. If you click on the name of the facility, you will go to its website. All of these classes can be found on ClassPass (click here to receive a $20 discount off your first month).

Day 1
Qi Gong at Decatur Healing Arts (Lisa & Emma)
Barre-Stretch Express at IB Yoga-Barre (Lisa & Emma)

Day 2
Pink Barre Classic at Pink Barre (Lisa & Emma)
C1 at Core Power Yoga (Lisa & Emma)

Day 3
Core Cycling at Exhale (Lisa & Emma)

Day 4
C2 at Core Power Yoga (Lisa & Emma)

Day 5
TRX at FitWit (Lisa)
C1 at Core Power Yoga (Lisa & Emma)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 6
Intro to Aerial Yoga at Vita-Prana Yoga (Lisa)
Yoga Sculpt at Core Power Yoga (Emma)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 7
IMPACT at Chaos Conditioning at the Forum (Lisa & Emma)
Tennis (Lisa)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 8
Abs, Thighs, & Glutes at Fit TO BE (Lisa & Emma)
Cardio (Matthew)

Day 9
Define Mind Hammock Class at DEFINE-Atlanta (Emma)
Tennis (Lisa)

Day 10
Core Cycling at Exhale (Emma & Lisa)
Power Walk (Lisa & Matthew)

Day 11
C2 at Core Power Yoga (Emma & Lisa)
(Matthew missed his workout today – bummer!)

Day 12
TRX at FitWit (Lisa)
Barre at Solstice Urban Retreat (Emma)
Hot 60 Yoga at Evolation Yoga Atlanta (Lisa & Emma)

Day 13
Pace45 Cycling at Pace23 (Lisa & Emma)
C2 at CorePower Yoga (Emma)
Discover Hip Hop Fit at dance101 (Lisa)

Day 14
Boxing Fitness at Atlanta Sports Complex (Lisa & Emma)

Day 15
Core Cycling at Exhale (Lisa & Emma)

Day 16
Define Mind Hammock Class at DEFINE-Atlanta (Lisa & Emma)
Power Walk (Lisa & Matthew)

Day 17
Warm Hip Opening at onlYoga (Lisa & Emma)

Day 18
Tennis Drills (Lisa)
Metabolic Conditioning at Urban Body Fitness (Emma)
Mellow Flow + Meditation at Solstice Urban Retreat (Lisa)
Cardio (Emma & Matthew)

Day 19
TRX at FitWit (Lisa & Emma)
Cardio (Matthew)

Day 20
Pace45 at Pace23 (Lisa & Emma)

Day 21
Boxing Fitness at Atlanta Sports Complex (Lisa & Emma)
Bikram Yoga at Still Hot Yoga (Lisa & Emma)

Queen of the Kitchen Show Instagram Feed

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Back to Work

This week, I did something I hadn’t done for 14 years – I went to work for a boss other than myself.

When it was getting close to the time for my son to get his driver’s license, I had one of those AHA! moments and realized I was going to need something else to do with my afternoons once my chauffeuring skills were no longer needed.  While I was very content with my schedule of teaching fitness classes, playing tennis, Facebooking, Tweeting, blogging, and hosting my radio show, I knew my mental health was going to suffer if I didn’t find a reason to get out of my house for at least a few hours each week.  So, I started telling everyone I knew that I was looking for part-time work.

Part-time, for me, meant (1) I couldn’t work Mondays or Fridays or weekends because that would interfere with tournament travel with my son; (2) I couldn’t work Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday mornings because that would interfere with my yoga class and league tennis play; (3) I didn’t want a job that required me to bring work home, either literally or figuratively; and (4) most importantly, I needed to be home in time for dinner with my husband and son each night.  The ideal job candidate . . . NOT!  I knew it would be tough to find something that would accommodate my wonky scheduling needs, but I had faith that the Perfect Part-Time Job was out there somewhere.

My Facebook addiction paid off – a local magazine posted a job listing on its Facebook page for a young chiropractic office looking for an assistant.  The hours were Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2:45-6:00pm.  Eureka!  I emailed the doctor my resume right away and almost immediately got a call to schedule an interview for the following afternoon.  The job description was right up my alley – answer phones, greet patients, and assist with patient communication.  The doctor and I hit it off, and he offered me the job the following day.

While it’s been a bit strange this week having to come home from my morning workout, take a shower, and put on Real Clothes and Make-Up, so far, I’m really enjoying the work.  I’m learning a lot about the chiropractic field and the different aspects of treatment.  I’m learning a lot about medical technology.  And, I’m learning a lot about building a practice from the ground up.  The people are great, and the social interaction is absolutely necessary for my mental well-being.

My husband and son have been great, too.  We had The Talk about how I wouldn’t be available to them on the afternoons I was working to run errands or drop off a forgotten book or extra tennis shirt.  So far, so good.  And, I’ve even managed to prepare food before I go to my job so we have that dinner to eat together that I mentioned above.

I know there will be days where I’m feeling rushed or overwhelmed, but I’m confident that my guys will help me find a good balance so we can make this work thing . . . well . . . WORK!  Wish me luck!

Dreams vs. Goals

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward achieving it” – Anonymous

My son started his sophomore year of high school today.  For me, it’s been a day of reflection because I’m realizing how quickly these next three years are going to go by and how soon my son’s years of dreaming about playing college tennis are going to either become his reality or not.  I’ve got to admit it’s kind-of taking my breath away.

Lately, I’ve been talking to several different people about my son and his tennis goals.  I’ve been listening to lots of different advice about the best way for him to achieve those goals.  I’ve been trying to reconcile the advice with our time and money constraints to come up with a Plan (yes, with a capital “P”).

One of my son’s goals is to play Kalamazoo before he exits the juniors.  When I shared that goal with a higher-up at USTA, I was told that playing Kalamazoo is a dream NOT a goal because my son has no control over the performance and rankings of the other boys in his age group and, therefore, can’t control whether or not he gets into the draw.  This person told me that goals are things you can control; dreams are the same as wishes and are not within your own control.  Hmmmm . . .

I beg to differ.  As the quote above states, once you begin taking steps toward achieving your dream, it becomes a goal.  And, my son is taking very specific steps toward Kalamazoo.  He has added another fitness component to his workouts.  He has tweaked his tournament schedule so that he’s playing higher-level and stronger opponents in preparation for The Zoo.  He has altered his school schedule slightly to allow him more flexibility in terms of on-court time.  He maintains an on-going dialogue with his coaches so that they’re all on the same page about where my son is in his preparation and where he needs to amp up his training.  My son has a Plan.

Of course, we won’t know until next summer whether or not the Plan has been successful.  But, there will almost certainly be checkpoints along the way that will let my son know if he’s on track.  And, if he’s not, he and his coaches will need to revamp and to refocus to get back on track.  And, if this one doesn’t work, then he’s got another year to try a different Plan.

But, if it DOES work, wow!  That feeling of achieving a long-term goal is amazing.  It’s one I hope all my children get to experience over and over again in their lives.  But, really, what I hope they experience is the jubilation over seeing hard work pay off, of seeing commitment to a goal or a purpose yield dividends beyond their wildest imagination.  Didn’t someone once say that tennis is a metaphor for life?  I would have to agree.