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W with an Asterisk


I don’t usually write about my own experiences on the tennis court. They’re usually not all that interesting or useful for the readers of ParentingAces. However, today’s match is an exception.

Right now, I’m playing on two USTA 4.5 women’s teams, one on Thursdays and one on Saturdays. I typically play singles on both teams.

For today’s match, I really had to gear myself up to play. It’s been pretty chilly here in Atlanta for the past week or so, and I’m not a fan of the lower temperatures. More >

Spring Break


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In my suburb of Atlanta, when Spring Break comes around most families head down to the Florida Panhandle – to places like Destin, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Panama City – for a week of white sand beaches and loads of sunshine. My son took a different tack this year.

He left early yesterday morning to spend the week in Southern California training with Craig Cignarelli and Lester Cook. This time, I stayed home. He’s on his own out there to arrange his workouts, his More >

Mallorca: Final Chapter


My son’s month in Mallorca came to an end on August 30, 2013. He returned home to Atlanta safe and sound, maybe a bit taller, more than a bit stronger, and definitely more mature and responsible.

As we expected, additional information about his time in Mallorca has come to light since his return. My son has shared his experiences with the other players training there and his experiences with the various coaches – both on and off the court. We found out that he had a narrow escape with an early More >

Interviews from the US Open – Taylor Dent



Taylor Dent is one of those guys who I always watched on tv when he was on tour and I now seek out when he is commentating matches. His passion and knowledge for tennis oozes out of him when he speaks, and he was so gracious about sitting down with me to talk tennis for a few minutes. Dent

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Mallorca, Week 2


I wish I could tell you I had tons of news to report from my son in Mallorca about his time at Global Tennis Team.  Alas, that’s not the case.

We are still getting very little information from him other than that he’s playing a lot of backgammon and going to the beach during his off time.  Most of the photos he’s texted us would just make everyone jealous, so I won’t share any more – suffice it to say that the coastline of Mallorca is nothing less than magical!  I know he’s playing tennis, but More >

More Changes in NorCal


I was just informed today that the NorCal section has once again amended its rules regarding 12-and-under play (see my Vote On ROG article from a few weeks ago).

According to Summer Verhoeven, R.O.G. Development Coordinator for USTA NorCal, if a child does not want to play with the colored balls, they can now go directly to yellow ball tournaments by completing an online form no later than August 31, 2013 indicating their chosen “development pathway”.  Details about choosing a pathway are on More >

Summer 2013 Version: The Ins & Outs of TennisRecruiting.Net


Below is a re-print of my June 13, 2012, article on  Twice a year, updates its Top Prospect ratings – sometimes known as “The Stars”. The next update to the Top Prospects comes in September 2013.  This week, TRN announced a change to their ratings process – starting with this rating period, ratings will be based on a player’s second-highest rankings during the eight-week period from July 23 through September 11.  Why is TRN making this change? More >

The More Things Change . . .


While I was away on vacation, I received an email from the office manager at the club where my son trains.  It seems the head coach of the tennis program has sold his ownership in the club to my son’s primary coach and one of the other coaches there.  I assume he decided it was time to move on to the next phase of his life, to attend to some health matters, and to spend more of his time fishing and enjoying his grandchildren – after all, he has been at this tennis thing for many, many years, More >

More Slashing of Opportunities


In case you haven’t heard (!), USTA changed the national junior competition schedule, effective January 1, 2014.  A big reason for the change, according to USTA, is to drive competition back to the sections instead of having so many big national tournaments requiring travel all over the country.

Those opposed to the changes, including Yours Truly, kept asking USTA what it was doing to ensure the sections would step up and fill in the gaps.  We never got a clear answer.

And, now, that which we More >

High School Tennis Revisited


Last year, about this time, I was writing regularly about my son’s experience on his high school tennis team – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

However, due to some ridiculous eligibility rule changes by the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), my son did not play for his school team this year.  It was HIS choice, don’t get me wrong, but, basically, our state governing body made it very unattractive for any high-level players to join their high school teams this year – to summarize, the More >

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