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How-To: Building a Fence Mount for Your Video Camera


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The information below was provided by a Fellow Tennis Parent and is the first in a 2-part series (click here for Part 2) on recording your child’s tennis matches. There are businesses such as our friends at High-Tech Tennis that will record your child’s tournament matches for you, but for those times when you’re on your own, I hope this information will prove useful.  

Below are step-by-step instructions for building your own fence-mount for videotaping More >

No Regrets


Sometimes we make decisions then immediately regret them. Sometimes we make decisions then begin to doubt them. Sometimes, though, we make decisions and never look back. The decision leading my son and me to spend the last week in Los Angeles shifted through all three of those scenarios.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, my son decided against entering the Closed Regional (L4) or National Selection (L2) tournaments because, based on his current ranking, he didn’t think he would be selected More >

Bonus Point Changes for 2014


The following was posted by Sandy Hastings, Managing Director of Junior Competition for the Southern section, on a Southern section tournament website. It’s also posted on Southern’s website at I believe it may apply to all USTA sections across the board, but please double-check with your section’s head of Junior Competition to be on the safe side! Does it concern anyone else that USTA has implemented these new More >

Been There, Done That


I was on the tennis court this weekend playing a league match with 3 other women. Of the four of us, 2 had junior players playing tournament matches elsewhere – one at a local event and one out of state. Yes, one of them was me.

The other Tennis Mom among us checked her phone at every side change for a score update on her son’s match. She couldn’t wait to get to the bench to see how he was doing. When he won the first set, she was visibly relieved. When he won the match, she was elated.

A few More >

Another Side of Junior Tennis


Getting ready to play!

This past weekend, I was exposed to a very different side of junior tennis competition, the Special Pops Fall Classic Tournament. It was like nothing I had ever seen – players and parents and coaches and supporters grinning ear to ear, cheering each other on, hugging at the side changes, gently correcting each other’s mistakes, and generally just finding the joy in being on the tennis court. Incredible!

Let me give you a little background . . . Special Pops Tennis was More >

Info from Sections for 2014


Below is a link to the information that each USTA section has posted regarding the 2014 junior competition calendar. Those sections that haven’t posted information online yet are indicated below – I will update this article as I receive information, so please be sure to check back over the next few weeks. If you have thoughts or analysis to share, please post them in the Comments. Thank you!

National (see below More >

What to Take With You on Tournament Day


A friend of mine called me last week – her sons decided they wanted to start playing junior tournaments, and she didn’t have any idea how to get them started. I pointed her to several articles on this website to give her an idea of how things work. I guess she found them helpful because her boys are playing their first ever tournament matches today!

That said, she called me again yesterday afternoon asking me more questions about how these tournaments work, and I realized I needed to provide a More >

SoCal Taking Positive Steps, Too!


After posting yesterday’s article about the 12-and-under changes happening in the NorCal section, one Southern California parent contacted me to let me know of a positive change happening in that section as well.

According to the USTA SoCal website:

Because there already are significant changes to the National Junior Tournament Schedule taking place in 2014, the Junior Competition Committee has decided to not make any changes to the draw size of its Level 2 Designated Tournaments for More >

The Tournament that Almost Was



Finally, after months of being on alternate lists and finding out last minute whether or not he was going to play that weekend, my son got direct entry into one of our Southern Level 3 tournaments AND was seeded!  He had a pretty good draw and figured he had a very good chance of getting to the Semis if not winning the whole thing.  He had been playing well in practice over the past couple of weeks and went into the weekend feeling very confident in his game.

So, early Friday evening, we More >

Complain, Complain, Complain . . . Do!


There is a lot of complaining going on in the Tennis World – from players, from coaches, from parents, from tournament directors, from journalists – I hear it all the time!  And blame – WOW! – every organization is getting blamed for the demise of American tennis, from USTA to ITF to USPTA to NCAA . . . the list goes on and on.

This blog was born out of complaints that I had myself and that I heard from other tennis parents, so I get it – I’m not innocent in the Blame Game; in fact, far from More >

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