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No More Negativity


Last week, I shared a post from another blog on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. It was yet another attempt to explain what’s wrong with American tennis. The article generated some interesting comments from parents and coaches alike, each blaming the other for what ails us all. [Note: Like and Follow ParentingAces on Facebook and Twitter to see the comments]

It’s the same old story. Coaches blame lazy players and overbearing parents. Parents blame unmotivated and under-trained coaches. Players More >

Spring Break


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In my suburb of Atlanta, when Spring Break comes around most families head down to the Florida Panhandle – to places like Destin, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Panama City – for a week of white sand beaches and loads of sunshine. My son took a different tack this year.

He left early yesterday morning to spend the week in Southern California training with Craig Cignarelli and Lester Cook. This time, I stayed home. He’s on his own out there to arrange his workouts, his More >

What Makes a Great Coach?


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There are things we can learn from reading books. There are things we can learn from sitting in a class or seminar. But there are some things, some very important things, that we can only learn through observation. I believe great tennis coaching is one of them.

One of the first things I wrote when I started ParentingAces was a 3-part series on how to choose a coach for your child. I have learned so much since posting those pieces, mostly due to the many fantastic More >

Help Wanted: Director of Fun


Junior tennis desperately needs a Director of Fun.

I reached this startling conclusion after several recent conversations with tournament directors, parents, and players. All were sharing their experiences within the current tournament structure. All were discussing the problems with the current system. All were complaining about the others. It became abundantly clear that what’s missing – what’s desperately missing - is FUN.

When I was talking with one tournament director who also happens to More >

No Regrets


Sometimes we make decisions then immediately regret them. Sometimes we make decisions then begin to doubt them. Sometimes, though, we make decisions and never look back. The decision leading my son and me to spend the last week in Los Angeles shifted through all three of those scenarios.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, my son decided against entering the Closed Regional (L4) or National Selection (L2) tournaments because, based on his current ranking, he didn’t think he would be selected More >

Bonus Points Update


After all the confusion over the Bonus Points awarded during the first new 2014 L3 event in January, I contacted the TennisLink division of to try to find out what was going on. USTA told us that it was a technical issue with the software (see the Comments under the Bonus Points article for details), so I figured TennisLink could shed some light on the problem. However, the email response I received from TennisLink directed me to Lew Brewer, USTA’s national Director of Junior More >

The Wonder of the Junior Tennis Experience


Today’s post is courtesy of Tennis Parent and Coach, Darrick Yun, head pro at The Peninsula Golf and Country Club in San Mateo, California.

This is a joyful reminder on why we go through it all. This is not necessarily about elite level junior tennis, but it is about competitive junior tennis. It’s also an essay on a father and son, parents and their children in sports together, and families as a force of nature. 

My favorite thing in the world to do is to watch my son play tennis. Time seems More >



In his writings, Daniel Coyle often refers to “ignition” – that spark that ignites the passion to pursue excellence. A couple of weeks ago, I was given the gift of seeing ignition in action.

My oldest daughter, Emma, lives in LA. Over Winter Break, the rest of us went out to visit her and spend some time in what we figured would be warmer and sunnier weather. Of course, my son brought his tennis gear with him in hopes of getting in a few quality hitting sessions before returning home for our More >

It’s That Time Again


I just received notice from TennisRecruitingNetwork that its 2014 Winter Star Rating Period will begin the week of January 6 and run through the week of February 24. That means that your child’s rating for the next 6 months will be based on his/her results over this 8-week period.

For a refresher on how TennisRecruiting calculates rankings and star ratings, I’ve copy-and-pasted my previous piece from June 2012 below. Please read and share with your child and his/her coach. Good luck to all our More >

5 Thoughts That Will Change Your Youth Sports Experience for the Better


Please click here to read John O’Sullivan’s latest article on his Changing The Game Project website. If we all commit to being better Tennis/Sports Parents, think of how much better our youth sports culture will be! Here is a short excerpt to get you started:

It is easy to get caught up in the hoopla, the massive commitments, and the mythology that surrounds youth sports. When we do, we lose sight of the things that really matter. We lose sight of the fact that our athletes can be irrevocably More >

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