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I’ve Been Remiss . . .


I know I am long overdue in writing about my son’s college move-in experience and life during his first few weeks at Santa Clara. I hope you’ll forgive me! I definitely want to share our experience but have taken on a major project since our return from the West Coast . . . selling our home of 20 years in order to down-size a bit and move closer to my husband’s office.

Once the (literal) dust settles, I will do the necessary emotional digging to write about sending my last baby off to college. More >

Are You A Parent Dream Killer?


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Today’s Guest Post is from Ryan Segelke, founder and CEO of High Altitude Tennis in Colorado.

Before we get to the story of a parent dream killer, let’s start with a challenge for all the parents who are reading this article: I invite each HAT family parent (current, past, potential) to open your mind and consider the fact that it’s easy to fall into some traps when supporting your child’s athletic dreams. However, that is 100 percent understandable More >

Taking A Little Hiatus


On Friday, we leave for Santa Clara.

For my son, it’s been a long summer. Veeeeery long. Most of his friends left weeks ago. He’s been chomping at the bit to get his college career started.

For me, it’s gone by like <snaps fingers> that. I find myself choking up at the silliest things . . . songs that remind me of our road trips to tournaments, running across a photo on my phone, seeing kids practicing at the club where I take my yoga classes . . . it doesn’t take much!

So, once we get our son More >

Our Emptier Nest


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I knew my nest was going to be empty this month. I just didn’t know it was going to be this empty.

We spent a week at the beach with our extended family as we do each summer. We had a great time, enjoying the sand and each other’s company with a little tennis thrown in for good measure. At the end of the week, my husband and I drove our son to the Destin airport for his flight to LA then headed home to the Atlanta ‘Burbs for some “alone time.” We had spent the More >

The End of the Road . . . Sort Of


My son and I are supposed to be in Mobile right now at the Southern Closed. We were supposed to leave yesterday for what was going to be his last junior tournament. He and I both had done all the pre-tournament prep. You know what I mean. He strung and re-gripped his racquets and did his laundry. I stocked up on snacks and drinks. He went to hit. I went to yoga. We were ready to pack our suitcases, load up the car, and drive the 5+ hours to South Alabama. I was already thinking about how I was More >



I had been through 2 previous high school graduations with my daughters. They were a big deal. A very big deal, replete with out of town guests and big family dinners and weeks-of-planning-required parties and extensive photo sessions and heart-felt gifts to commemorate the occasion. I remember being absolutely exhausted by the end of the celebration weekend, both physically and emotionally, as I watched my little girls transition to that next phase in their lives. Seeing them in their caps More >



I’m not sure how to begin to describe the events of Saturday’s State High School Championships. I’m still reeling a bit from the stress and excitement and relief – I can only imagine how the 14 boys on the Walton team are feeling!

Rather than give a blow-by-blow of the matches, I want to talk about what went on OFF the court that day.

As I mentioned in previous articles, both our girls and boys made it to the State Finals and were scheduled to play simultaneously on Saturday afternoon. More >

Are You A Helicopter Parent?


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Today’s Guest Post is courtesy of Frank Giampaolo. Many of you know Frank from my radio show interviews with him and from his book, The Tennis Parent’s Bible. Frank is a 30-year high performance tennis coach, sports education veteran, author, speaker and instructional writer for national and international publications. He is the bestselling author of Championship Tennis (Human Kinetics Publishing), The Tennis Parent’s Bible and The Mental Emotional More >



“We did it!” Those were my son’s words when he made the decision back in November to commit to Santa Clara University.

“We did it!” Those were my son’s words when he got the official letter of acceptance last month from Santa Clara University.

“We did it!” Those were my son’s words after the Signing Day ceremony at his high school last night.

Those words were said directly to me. They were my son’s way of acknowledging that this achievement belongs not only to him but also to my husband and More >

Asics Easter Bowl, Martin Blackman, & TRN Profile


As y’all know, I’m back in the Coachella Valley at the Asics Easter Bowl this week, helping out with some of the media stuff, doing a little commentating for the livestream (you can watch at, and just helping out wherever I’m needed. If you’d like to keep up with results throughout the day, I suggest you follow @zootennis on Twitter – Colette is doing her usual amazing job of following all the action and reporting it quickly! It’s a bit bizarre to be at a junior tournament More >

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