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One Word


For the past 18+ years, I’ve been part of an online community of women who were all due to have babies in July 1996 – we call ourselves the July Moms. We’ve gone through pregnancies, miscarriages, potty training, mastitis, preschool woes, kindergarten separation anxiety, bullying, puberty, teen drinking, drivers ed, and now the college application process together. There’s a lot of collective wisdom in that group of moms, believe me!

As 2013 came to an end, one of the moms posted about a piece More >

Mallorca, One Week In


As predicted, I don’t have a whole lot of information to share about my son’s first week at Global Tennis Team in Mallorca.  I have successfully resisted the urge to contact anyone at Global to check in on him, and I have successfully resisted the urge to ask probing questions of my son when we text.  I figure (I hope!) he’ll eventually decide to share some of the details of his life in Spain.

Mallorcan coastline

That said, it sounds like he’s working very hard and at a much higher intensity More >

My New Mantra



This is written on my bathroom mirror (in lipstick, not blood as my son says it appears!).  It is my new mantra.  I have asked my son and my husband to hold me accountable to following it.  It will be a challenge – a HUGE challenge – for me to do so, but I am committed.  I will report back from time to time to let you know how it’s going.  Wish me luck.

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More Slashing of Opportunities


In case you haven’t heard (!), USTA changed the national junior competition schedule, effective January 1, 2014.  A big reason for the change, according to USTA, is to drive competition back to the sections instead of having so many big national tournaments requiring travel all over the country.

Those opposed to the changes, including Yours Truly, kept asking USTA what it was doing to ensure the sections would step up and fill in the gaps.  We never got a clear answer.

And, now, that which we More >

High School Tennis Revisited


Last year, about this time, I was writing regularly about my son’s experience on his high school tennis team – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

However, due to some ridiculous eligibility rule changes by the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), my son did not play for his school team this year.  It was HIS choice, don’t get me wrong, but, basically, our state governing body made it very unattractive for any high-level players to join their high school teams this year – to summarize, the More >

Happy Mother’s Day



Those three kiddos in the photo above belong to me and have taught me more about life than I ever thought I could learn. 

This morning, I read the following in an email from Janis Meredith of JBMThinks and wanted to share it with y’all.  I think she does a great job of recognizing the challenges of parenting!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you moms feel loved and I hope you dads make sure Mom feels loved.

But even in the midst of being appreciated, moms and dads can feel overwhelmed with the More >

Now What?


The 2014 changes to the junior competition calendar are all but a done deal.  The Powers That Be at USTA, despite our best efforts, have decided they (not parents, not coaches, not the players themselves) know what’s best for our young players and have slashed competitive opportunities at the national level by a huge margin.  So, now what?

Add to the mix the fact that several USTA sections have also adopted a rather Draconian policy for the 10-and-unders and 12-and-unders, forcing them onto the More >

Another Giant Step



This past weekend was another giant step in my Tennis Parent Journey.  My son drove himself to a tournament.  Out of town.  About 2 hours from home.  While my husband and I were at a family reunion out of state.

Now, before you start thinking I am totally out of my mind, please know that I enlisted the support of a Fellow Tennis Mom to be on call for my son.  She and her son were staying at the same hotel as my kid.  She was in charge of checking my son into his room and making sure he had More >

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (with a tennis flair)


Twas the nite before Christmas and out on the courts was a jolly fat man in red tennis shorts

The sweat socks were hung in the pro shop with care and the racquets were strung with a Christmasy flair

The players were snuggled all safe in their beds While visions of passing shots Danced in their heads.

They dreamed about tiebreakers love sets and aces Wimbledon, Forest Hills, All kinds of places

Whatever the setting Wherever the scene with Pancho or Stan or perhaps Billy Jean

A fast match with More >

If This Doesn’t Convince You . . .


Spreadsheet Links

2014 National comparison with 2009 and 2012 -with teams

2014 National comparison with 2009 and 2012 -Individual entries-No Teams

The two spreadsheets above were created by Robert Sasseville, a member of the group that met with the USTA folks in Chicago in October.  Robert has run the Girls 14s Nationals for the past 30 years and has been involved in junior tennis in some way, shape, or form for over 40 years, so he’s seen the evolution of the competition calendar and ranking More >

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