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I’m not sure how to begin to describe the events of Saturday’s State High School Championships. I’m still reeling a bit from the stress and excitement and relief – I can only imagine how the 14 boys on the Walton team are feeling!

Rather than give a blow-by-blow of the matches, I want to talk about what went on OFF the court that day.

As I mentioned in previous articles, both our girls and boys made it to the State Finals and were scheduled to play simultaneously on Saturday afternoon. More >

On To The State Final


Uros, Francis, Alex, Kevin, Morgan, Crews, Raymond, Jonathan, Trevor, Jackson, Sam, EJ, Coach Evans


The long drive down to Valdosta, GA, is never fun, especially when you have to fight Atlanta rush-hour traffic just to get out of town! But, our Varsity Raiders and Coach Evans had lost the coin toss and had to travel for the team’s semifinal match against Lowndes High School. Everyone headed South after school on Monday so they would have time to rest then get in a good warm up before Tuesday More >

The State Tournament


15 and 0. That’s my son’s high school team’s dual match record this season. It includes the regular season, regional playoffs, and, now, the first two rounds of the state tournament. The Walton Raiders are undefeated. So far.

Back in January, during team tryouts, my son boldly announced to his coach and the other guys that he thought they could go ALL THE WAY this season. The State Championship: that was the goal. The Walton girls team has won State 13 of the last 15 years. It’s old news for More >

Why My Kid is Playing High School Tennis


Three years ago at this time, my son was in the midst of his high school tennis season. It was his freshman year, and he had made the Varsity squad. He was so excited to have the opportunity to train with his teammates, one of whom had already committed to play college tennis the following year, and compete against the Big Boys from schools all around the state. While there were a few snags along the way, it was a great season for him and for his team. They won the Regional competition and made More >

USTA Addresses High School Tennis


As I wrote in my last post, I had the opportunity to attend a couple of sessions of USTA’s Tennis Development Workshop this past weekend. The first had to do with junior tournaments, and the second had to do with high school tennis. It was led by Glenn Arrington, USTA’s national manager of the Tennis On Campus program.

Glenn started the session by having everyone in the room take a pop quiz (which I failed miserably!). It included questions about how many high school tennis players there are More >

High School Tennis & Ranking Points


If you follow ParentingAces on Facebook and/or Twitter, you may have seen the article I posted last week – Tennis May Reward Top Players To Play For High Schools – from Bonnie Vona, Manager of Competitive Tennis for USTA’s Mid-Atlantic section, told the publication that “there is a movement toward ultimately awarding USTA ranking points for high school matches.”

I spoke to Bonnie a few days ago to find out how far along in the process USTA actually is. It turns out, not More >

High School Tennis Revisited


Last year, about this time, I was writing regularly about my son’s experience on his high school tennis team – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

However, due to some ridiculous eligibility rule changes by the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), my son did not play for his school team this year.  It was HIS choice, don’t get me wrong, but, basically, our state governing body made it very unattractive for any high-level players to join their high school teams this year – to summarize, the More >

Alternatives to USTA Tournaments


I was having a phone conversation with another tennis parent yesterday – we were discussing all the stuff going on with USTA (2014 changes, 10-and-under mandate, cost of competition, issues with wildcards, cheating, etc.) and what we could do as parents of junior players to get away from it all. We both agreed that our goal as Tennis Parents is to keep our kids playing as long as possible while maintaining their love of the game (and not going broke in the process!) – a huge challenge, to be More >

Tennis Etiquette


I saw a Facebook post from a friend of mine over the weekend whose two elementary-school-age sons have recently taken up tennis.  They were playing in their first USTA Junior Team Tennis match, and the mom was rudely informed by another parent that cheering was NOT allowed.  These two brothers also play baseball – where parental cheering is not only allowed but often gets way out of hand – so Mom just assumed she could vocally encourage her boys during their tennis match in the same way.

In More >

Student of the Sport


This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a USTA College Information Session for high school players and their parents held during the NCAA Championships in Athens, Georgia.

The panel, led by USTA’s Senior Manager of Junior and Collegiate Competition, Erica Perkins Jasper, included the following heavy-hitters from the tennis world:

  • Bobby Bayliss – Head Men’s Coach at Notre Dame University
  • Christine Bader – Head Women’s Coach at Ball State University
  • Maria Cercone – junior coach in More >
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