Day 19: Lots of Snacking

Today’s lunch, the Antioxidant Love Salad, didn’t really tide either Emma or me over for the afternoon for some reason. Maybe it’s because of our morning TRX workout (it was extra tough today – thanks a lot, Erin!). Or maybe our bodies are starting to metabolize all the greens more quickly. Or maybe we just needed to add more protein than the recipe called for. Who knows? Regardless, we both found ourselves snacking more throughout the day than we’re used to doing, things like blueberries, apple slices with almond butter, Marcona almonds, green beans. I mean, it’s all healthy and relatively low-calorie stuff, but it just felt weird to be eating so often when I really hadn’t needed to prior to today.

Tonight’s dinner, though, was incredibly filling and satisfying, especially those amazing sweet potato wedges! Even after we’re done with the Challenge, I suspect those will become a staple in our weekly menu. Matthew fired up the new grill to cook the salmon tonight which was an added bonus. There’s just something about food cooked over a charcoal fire that makes it taste extra delicious.

Can you believe the size of this sweet potato???
Can you believe the size of this sweet potato???

Be sure to check out Emma, the Queen of the Kitchen herself, on this week’s ParentingAces Radio Show!

Day 19 Menu

Pre-Breakfast: 8-12 ounces of water plus 8-12 ounces of Green Juice

Breakfast: Smoothie (for my husband: gluten-free toast with sliced apple)

Mid-morning snack: Organic Blueberries & almonds

Pre-Lunch: 4-6 ounces of Green Juice

Lunch: Antioxidant Love Salad (leftovers for Matthew)

Afternoon snack: Apple slices with organic almond butter

Pre-Dinner: 4-6 ounces of Green Juice

Dinner: Chili Lemon Salmon with Sweet Potato Wedges & Brussels Sprouts


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