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Introducing Dr. J


We are very fortunate to have Dr. Neeru Jayanthi, Tennis Medicine Specialist, sharing his insights and work here on ParentingAces.com! For those of you who missed this week’s radio show, Dr. J was my guest and talked about when young athletes should specialize in tennis and how that impacts the risk of injury. You can listen to the podcast here.

Dr. J has also shared with me his PowerPoint slides on tennis and specialization which you can download then view at the link below.

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Love of the Game


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Today’s post was written by Coach Ryan Segelke (yes, I’m sure this time!) of High Altitude Tennis. Enjoy!

This month’s article is a little different from my previous ones in that I am not really going to talk about fitness techniques, exercises or best practices.  I am going to talk a little bit about what I have seen in my own personal experience that truly separates the most successful athletes in the world from the rest of the pack.

Throughout my training More >

The 12’s and 14’s Tennis Superstar Curse


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Today’s Guest Post is written by Coach Todd Widom.

We have all seen it.  We go to a junior tennis tournament and there is a young kid playing and everyone is just in awe of this player.  They win so much and it seems like they are unbeatable at such a young age.  They may in fact be on a great path to becoming a great player or unfortunately they may not be.  Sometimes I even look at a particular young superstar and think when they get older, More >

Process Based vs Results Based Tennis Players


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Today’s Guest Post is by coach Todd Widom.

If you have read some of my previous articles, I speak about how tennis is a never ending pursuit in trying to become the best you can be day in and day out. The best tennis players I have ever been around go through this process in a disciplined manner each and every day they step on the court. To go one-step further, there are players that are process based and there are others that are results based during the More >

Coaching Conference in ATL: Parents Welcome!


This weekend (September 11-13), Oscar Wegner is bringing his Modern Tennis Methodology approach to Atlanta in the form of a 3-day conference. Each of the three days will include speakers, on-court coaching for both junior and adult players, and the opportunity to become certified in the MTM method. Conference presenters are both local and international. For a complete list of speakers, click here.

Friday’s sessions will be held at the Fieldstone Tennis Center in Cumming, a suburb north of the More >

Facilitating Match Play


Ever since my son arrived home from his stint in SoCal, he’s been arranging hitting sessions and practice matches for himself. He’s built up a nice network of hitting partners around Atlanta, and they meet up at a public park or neighborhood courts for a no-cost training session that keeps both players match-tough and in top physical shape. After 10+ years of paying for drills, lessons, and tournaments, I can tell you my bank account has greatly appreciated the break (see my last post for more More >

Is There A Way to Make Junior Development Less Costly?


We’ve all seen the estimates of how much it costs to take a junior player from beginner all the way to college or the pro tour (click here for a thorough breakdown). Upwards of $300,000. That’s insane!

What if there were a way to significantly reduce that number? After having gone through this journey myself, I have some concrete ideas that could make tennis more affordable without jeopardizing the quality of training and development. I welcome you to add your suggestions in the Comments More >

Let’s Start At the Very Beginning


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The day my middle daughter arrived at the barn for her very first horseback riding lesson, she (and I) thought she’d find her instructor, get on a pony, and start riding. Imagine our surprise when the instructor spent the majority of that first lesson-hour teaching my daughter about the various parts of a saddle, the names of all the pieces of tack required, how to care for the equipment, how to clean and care for the animal itself, and how to choose the More >

Tennis Level Does Not Equal Tennis Level


Today’s post is written by Coach Todd Widom. Enjoy!

I think there is a misconception in the tennis world that you need to be playing with higher level tennis players, junior or professional, in order to become a higher level tennis player. Level does not equal level. If you want to maximize your potential, you need to put your blue-collar work ethic on and get to business. This is something that should be done in a disciplined manner. The tennis player needs to understand how they are going to More >

Summer is Officially Over?


Today is the first day of school in our county. Crazy, right? But, since that’s the reality of living in Marietta, Georgia, I thought this was a good time to write about my son’s month in California, his orientation at Santa Clara University, and his plans between now and September 19th when he moves onto campus (Santa Clara is on the quarter system – hence, the late start date).

As I shared a few months ago here, my son spent the month of July training and competing in Southern California. More >

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