Steve Johnson, Sr: Tennis Parent & Tennis Coach


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The following interview originally appeared in print on Frank Giampaolo’s website. He asked me if I’d share it with y’all, so, of course, I said yes! I’ve also included my interviews with Steve Johnson both on the ParentingAces radio show and at the 2013 US Open. Enjoy!


Frank’s Interview with Steve Johnson, Sr

Tell the readers about your background as a tennis parent & full time tennis coach?

I feel privileged to have a beautiful family and a career that More >

April Showers


April showers bring May flowers. What they DON’T bring is outdoor tennis.

I live in the Atlanta suburbs. It rains here. A lot. Especially during the month of April. And there are several tournaments scheduled this month throughout our Southern section which means getting on the court and working on your game is kind of necessary.

But what happens when it’s raining 2 or 3 days a week, the place you train has no indoor or covered courts, and you have a tournament coming up? How do you prepare to More >

Spring Break, Part 2


As I mentioned in my last post, my son has been in Los Angeles this week, spending his spring break training with Craig Cignarelli and Lester Cook. I just figured I’d update y’all on how his days are going out there . . .


Tuesday, his first full day on the West coast, started with a lesson and a coached (by Lester) match against LMFAO‘s Redfoo.

After their workout, the three guys headed into Westwood for a bite to eat where my son got to see firsthand just how popular Redfoo is with More >

What Makes a Great Coach?


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There are things we can learn from reading books. There are things we can learn from sitting in a class or seminar. But there are some things, some very important things, that we can only learn through observation. I believe great tennis coaching is one of them.

One of the first things I wrote when I started ParentingAces was a 3-part series on how to choose a coach for your child. I have learned so much since posting those pieces, mostly due to the many fantastic More >

No Regrets


Sometimes we make decisions then immediately regret them. Sometimes we make decisions then begin to doubt them. Sometimes, though, we make decisions and never look back. The decision leading my son and me to spend the last week in Los Angeles shifted through all three of those scenarios.

As I mentioned in my previous posting, my son decided against entering the Closed Regional (L4) or National Selection (L2) tournaments because, based on his current ranking, he didn’t think he would be selected More >

USTA Is Trying


Earlier this month, several higher-ups from USTA met in Atlanta along with many proven junior development coaches from around the US to discuss how USTA can do a better job of utilizing and supporting the talent of local coaches. The specific context of the meeting as stated in the post-meeting notes from USTA was “to create a culture of inclusiveness where personal coaches, USTA Sections, and USTA Player Development work together to be part of a national movement to create the next wave of More >

Interviews at the US Open – Assorted Tennis Gurus


This page contains interviews from those who didn’t really fall into the category of college coach or tennis parent or fan. I hope you’ll forgive me for lumping them all together, but I want to be sure their stories are heard because they each have something special to share with us! & Ed Fishkind - USTA Long Island
 Frost - longtime More >

Interviews at the US Open – Nick Bolletierri


I had the privilege of attending a very special media event Thursday morning in Manhattan where Nick Bolletierri was speaking. He was kind enough to chat with me for a couple of minutes before the event began.  What an incredible spirit this man still has, even at the young age of 82! Enjoy! Bolletierri


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Interviews at the US Open – Horacio Rearte



Horacio Rearte is a very accomplished junior and professional coach who is at the 2013 US Open working with one of his players. He shares his thoughts with ParentingAces in this interview: Rearte

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Interviews at the US Open – Jay Harris



Some of you may know Jay Harris from his days of being on the coaching staff at Brown University.  Others may know him as a high-performance coach for several up-and-coming players.  For the next two weeks, he’s the coach of doubles specialist, James Cerretani, and he shares his thoughts with us here: Harris

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