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juniortennishdSince most of us tennis parents are concerned about the 2014 changes to the Junior Competition calendar, I figured it would be easier to follow the discussion if I included links – in order from earliest to latest – to all the relevant articles, posts, etc. on one page.  Some of the links are internal to ParentingAces.  Some are to external websites.    Please let me know if I’ve left off anything.

**USTA National Junior Competitive Structure & Schedule of Tournaments (published July 2013 – right click on document to rotate)

**Info From Sections for 2014

**USTA’s Summary of the Approved 2014 National Junior Competitive Structure March 2013

**USTA’s Proposed 2014 National Junior Tournament Schedule

**USTA’s Rationale for Approved 2014 Changes

**USTA’s New National Junior Competition Structure March 2012

**Current (2013-2014) USTA Section Presidents & Contact Info

**Online Survey regarding 2014 Changes





Probable Presenters


November 17

USTA Mid Atlantic
Annual Meeting

Reston, VA

Scott Schultz, Lew Brewer

November 24

BG14s National Open

Rocky Hill, CT

Dave Haggerty, Kurt Kamperman

December 16

ITA Convention

(ITA attendees only)

Naples, FL

Jon Vegosen, Bill Mountford

December 26 – 6:30pm

BG16 BG18 National Winter Championships

Scottsdale, AZ

Dave Haggerty, Kurt Kamperman

December 27 – 6:00pm

BG12 BG14 National Winter Championships

Tucson, AZ

Dave Haggerty, Kurt Kamperman


January 13 – 1:00pm

Annual Meeting

Atlanta, GA

Gordon Smith, Scott Schultz, Andrea Norman

February 8 – 7:30pm

USPTA Midwest
Annual Conference

Troy, MI

Paul McDonald, Mark Bey

February 11 – 7:00pm

USTA SoCal Junior Comp
Open Meeting

Los Angeles, CA

Scott Schultz

February 15 – 4:30pm

USTA Texas
Annual Meeting

Grapevine, TX

Dave Haggerty, Bill Mountford, Lew Brewer

* Town Hall Meetings are subject to change and additional meetings may be added.** Webinars will be offered in January & February for those that cannot personally attend a Town Hall Meeting due to location, etc.

2013-2014 Junior Competition Committee Members:

Committee ChairAndreaNormanNorthern California
CoordinatorMitchelAlpertMiddle States
CoordinatorEllenEhlersSouthern California
ED LiaisonMaryBuschmannMissouri Valley
MemberSteveBellamySouthern California
MemberKarlGregorNew England
MemberGinaPileggiMiddle States
Vice ChairPeterLebedevsSouthern

Wayne Brian vs. USTA

Tom Walker’s Call to Action

Sean Hannity’s Letter & USTA’s Response

Random Thoughts on Hannity vs. USTA

What’s Really Going On?

Tennis Parents & Coaches: Please Read!

USTA Follow-Up

USTA 2014 Jr Comp Update

USTA 2014 Jr Comp Update, Part 2

Wayne Bryan Hits the Nail on the Head

From TennisInsiders.com – USTA Pushed the Pause Button

A Great Fix

URGENT: USTA 2014 Jr Comp Update

Reblog from ZooTennis.com

USTA to Pause 2013 Jr Comp Changes

USTA Listens, Holds Off on Changes to Jr Tennis

A Note from HEAD North America’s President & CEO

Notes from First USTA Town Hall Listening Meeting

Parent/Coach Speaking Points for USTA Listening Meetings

Tomorrow’s Listening Meeting in Rocky Hill, CT

Action Steps & Why I’m Going to Take Them

USTA Press Release from Second Town Hall Listening Meeting

Notes from Second USTA Town Hall Listening Meeting

USTA Invites Critics to Join Debate on Proposed Changes

Unintended Consequences

If This Doesn’t Convince You . . .

USTA’s ‘Listening Tour’ is About Listening and More

The Tennis Now Q&A with Johan Kriek

My Sit-Down with USTA’s Bill Mountford

USTA Hints At Compromise

USTA Votes to Continue Pause . . . Sort-Of . . .

Quota Insanity

USTA Town Hall Meeting at ITA Convention

3rd Listening Meeting at ITA Coaches Convention

4th & 5th Listening Meetings at Winter Nationals

I Dream of Genie

USTA Will Hold 6th Listening Meeting on Sunday

Notes From 6th Listening Meeting in Atlanta

Social Media in Action

Email from Coach Wayne Bryan

Notes from 7th Listening Meeting in Troy, MI

Notes from 8th Listening Meeting in Los Angeles

Notes from 9th (Final) Listening Meeting in Grapevine, Texas

Podcast of Feb 11 ParentingAces radio show devoted to 2014 changes

Podcast of Feb 18 ParentingAces radio show devoted to 2014 changes

Online Petition to Amend 2014 Rule Changes

Clarification on Selection Process for 2014

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  1. 6 of my families ( sisters, brothers, uncle, nieces and nephew) total of 12 juniors from age 7 through 14’s. we really do not appreciate the USTA forcing our juniors into these new changes ! We DO NOT agree to cut
    down draw size and national tournaments and we do not like the changes for 10’s under either. We also do not agree with the USTA training center playing favor to some juniors players got accepted I full time training for years after years not giving equal opportunities to other players! If my kids get to train full time with the USTA 5/6 hours a day free of charge they would be just as good players with better result too. These full time training will cost us 4k to 6k a month. Why only some kids get in but not others and they are just as good players or better?

    What is the point spend all these $$$ to train these kids but USTA not allow them to get I to play these major tournaments and also cut down I draw size? There are non meeting in Orange County for parents to fight against these unreasonable changes by Usta. LA county and Ventura county are way too far especially on week days for parents to come. Why not have both weekend and weekday so everyone have equal chances and everyone should be notify of these way ahead of time!!’

    We total of 6 differences families with 12 kids
    and more of our friends people we know haves dedicate our families live to the game
    of America tennis now we see no future!!

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