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If I Could Turn Back Time . . .


The further we get in my son’s junior tennis journey, the more I realize how many mistakes I’ve made along the way.  Given that my stated purpose for writing this blog is helping others avoid the pitfalls I’ve experienced, the following is a list of some things I would do differently IF I could start this whole process over again.  I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting about (selective memory?!?), but this is a good jumping-off point.

  • I would interview several coaches before choosing one More >

ParentingAces Hits the Airwaves


If you’ve been following ParentingAces on Facebook and/or Twitter, you already know that I’ve got a new internet radio show airing on Sunday evenings 6:30-7:30pm ET.  Well, here are the particulars . . .

To listen to the show live, click here to go to the UR10S station on BlogTalkRadio.  You will see a countdown clock to the start of the show.  At 6:30pm sharp, the show will begin playing in your browser.

If you can’t make it to the live broadcast, every show will be recorded and archived as a More >

The End of an Era


Today marks the end of an era.  I will no longer be the daily chauffeur for my son.  He will no longer need me to drive him to drills, pick him up afterward, take him to fitness, or schlep him to school.  He is now a licensed driver.

And, given that he is my last child at home and the last to drive, that means my time is now my own.  That means I can book appointments, make lunch dates, and whatever else I want to do on my time-frame without worrying that I’ll be finished in time to pick up my More >

Advocating for Your Child


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

We parents are our children’s best and most important advocates.  That applies to school.  That applies to doctors.  And that applies to tennis.

Every now and then, you and your junior tennis player will come up against a rule – or an official’s interpretation of a rule – that doesn’t seem to be in the best interest of the child.  The rule may pertain to rest time between matches or to More >

Our Impact On Our Children’s Development


The passages below are excerpts from a rather lengthy email I received this morning from sports psychologist, Dr. Jorge Valverde.  I am reprinting them with his permission.

Our responsibility as parents is like a mountain:  the bigger the mountain to climb, the stronger we must become, and our strength must come from wisdom and inspiration.

Dealing with discipline issues

–       Establish boundaries and natural consequences and follow them closely –       Present one front as parents, More >

Random Thoughts on Hannity vs. USTA


I’m guessing you’ve all read Sean Hannity’s blog post regarding the changes to the national junior comp schedule that will become effective in 2014.  I’m guessing you’ve all read Patrick McEnroe’s and Tim Russell’s replies, too, as well as Mr. Hannity’s rebuttal.  I’ve read endless commentary on this heated debate on the various blogs and Facebook groups and message boards I frequent and tried to process everything written – it’s a lot to take in!

Given that my son isn’t yet playing at the More >

Happy Birthday!


I guess one of the perks of writing a blog is having a public forum in which to wish the impetus BEHIND the blog happy birthday.  So, happy 16th birthday to my one and only son!  I wish for you a day and a year filled with dreams, happiness, love, success, and striving.

We are planning to celebrate tonight by attending the BB&T Atlanta Open to see Andy Roddick play Nicolas Mahut, weather permitting.  My son is a long-time Roddick fan, not so much because of Andy’s antics but rather because of More >

Holabird Sports-Adidas “All-In” Junior Tennis Challenge


With the various changes that USTA is implementing throughout the junior competition calendar, several forward-thinking individuals and companies are stepping in to offer players and their families alternative ways to maximize their tournament experiences.  The Holabird Sports-Adidas All-In Junior Tennis Challenge is one such event.  I had the opportunity to speak with the tournament’s creator, Sol Schwartz, and to ask him a few questions:

ParentingAces: Why did you decide to create this More >

You Gotta Have Faith


A big thank-you to my amazing yoga instructor, Lisa Jones, for the quote above.

Sometimes I get a major wake-up call which catches me totally off guard.  This weekend’s tournament was one of those.

The week leading up to the tournament was a rough one for my son.  He came down with a cold/sinus infection on Monday and immediately started taking a antibiotic in hopes that he would feel significantly better by the Saturday start day.  All week, he shortened his practices, even resorting to More >

Sean Hannity’s Letter & USTA’s Response


On June 26, 2012, political analyst Sean Hannity posted a letter on his blog addressed to USTA concerning the revised national competition schedule for junior players. Today, I received an email from Timothy Russell, Chair of USTA’s Junior Competition Committee. Links to Mr. Hannity’s post as well as USTA’s response are below:

Sean Hannity’ Blog

Patrick McEnroe’s Response More >

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